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What is to change Era

Translation of the Article published in Athanor Magazine, Number 78.

What is to change Era?

By José Luis Parise

What is now an open secret, until a few years ago was a secret reserved for esoteric circles: all initiate traditions of human history announce a change of era in the early years of this new millennium. But, what is to change era?

The announcement of the current era change is made with such precision that cultures separated from one another by centuries and even millennia, with different calendars, and which, at least "officially," never met each other, as amazingly as rigorously, agree on the same and accurate date, and even on the schedule for the change: the so highly celebrated 12/22/2012, at 11.11 am is the appointment for humanity.

But if today the so disturbing Change is, fortunately, a fact revealed to anyone who wants to know about it beyond initiatory circles ... the wisdom, the teaching and the logic revealed behind such a transcendental change are still equally hermetic. This hermeticism has been reinforced by the distortions and fantasies of the collective New Age.

In fact, questions such as...

Why is a change of era necessary? Will it just "happen" or is it something to be "achieved"?

"Will the change be collective or individual?

... are ways to get closer to the Question that, to he who dares to question what for others is simply "destiny", triggers all the other questions:

What is to change era?

It is a fact that the current problems humanity is facing are not different from the ones in any other time. More or less visible for some, it is nonetheless clear that social issues and the “current” personal uncertainties match those we can see (to name just a reference) in the Greek classics. Moreover, the danger of self-destruction of mankind became (unmistakably) at the end of World War II. However, in none of these periods, or any other of the many that can be cited, with the same crossroads in different degrees, a change of this magnitude was announced astrologically, by means of oracles, or wisdom. Why is it Now?

Paradoxically, the fact that the prophecies do not argue the reasons for the changes announced is revealing in itself, instead they only describe such changes and the concomitant state of affairs with them. This strategy requires that he who wants to understand the logic, reasons, and arguments by which what is announced must cross the threshold of the entrance door and go beyond the cryptic level that a prophecy represents... to go into that which made such prophecies become into existence: the teaching on which they are based on.


Alchemy, Kabala, taoism, zen, hermetism, shamanism ... If all these teachings coincide with each other to announce the change of era, are we then talking about "teachings" in plural, or about one same Teaching which was pluralized through various forms adapted to different cultures and different times when it should be implanted? Surprisingly, the answer to such question about all that wisdom that impregnated the earlier eras introduces us fully into the New Era. As such teachings have a so identical wisdom... which consist of eleven steps in common amongst them. Eleven steps that generate a real map, called "the method of Magic", and which comes from these same teachings as an absolute key to the New Era.

Equally striking is one of the most unexpected factors, as is the blunt fact that each of such esoteric teachings has been, alternatively or simultaneously, the base of data, methodological guide, field of interest, revealing source and even inspiring agent of personalities, disciplines and the most brilliant and revolutionary ideas of the succession of eras which, in fact, the prophecies announce is coming to an end. Era that is shaken to its foundations when awareness is raised about the fact that the source from where the overwhelming majority of its highest exponents in their highest paths and disciplines drank... is the Source that contains the crystal clear waters of that unique initiatory teaching, scattered all around the various esoteric schools of the history of mankind.

And indeed, that is what is evidently shown when the usual perspective from which to look at the history of mankind is changed, and if when the challenge to see it from the keys of wisdom held by the prophecies announcing the change of era is accepted: if, to the already numerous research papers showing that the spiritual teachers in every culture who planted the seeds that led to religions, reached their mastery by drinking from the waters of initiation, we add the revelation that the minds which opened the paths of the different disciplines derived in sciences fed themselves from those same waters ... inevitably, the concepts and ideas we have about the history of mankind, of its foundations and of its divisions vary in such a definite way... that it is inevitable that will be interpreted as the beginning of a change of era! And that is exactly what in effect, the history of science conclusively shows, from its very dawn to its most contemporary exponents.


Sources as diverse as the Greek Herodotus or the Babylonian Berosus agree on their comments about that the wise men from Greece traveled to Egypt and India to conduct initiations in esoteric temples, in such an ineludible way ... that finally they decided to transfer such temples to Greece itself. Similarly, contemporary researchers as Frances Yales point out that at the beginning of what we now call "science" it was practically impossible to separate a scientist from an occultist, and their doctrines were impregnated in the matrix of the hermetic traditions in particular, and in the most diverse schools of esoteric in general.

Pythagoras. His own name relates to Pythias, the original name of the oracle of Delphi. For that reason, it is not surprising that the Pythagorean School was impenetrable and esoteric, with rigorous initiation rituals. The "mathematical" level considered the concept of Number as the main organizer of the Universe, while the “acousmatic” level revealed the concept of Sound as general organizer of the Universe.

SOCRATES. Although Socrates’ verifiable biographical information is practically nonexistent, it is noted that the "know thyself" which dominates his teaching, and the mayeutics method itself which encouraged such knowledge of himself ... are an accurate summary of the goal and the path of initiation schools, both in the Middle East and East.

PLATON After having gone all around Egypt and Africa for 11 years, he returned to Athens and founded his Academy, which imparted a dual philosophy. One is exoteric, open to everybody and exposed in his Dialogues, whereas the other is esoteric, reserved only to the initiated.

ARISTOTLE Both his teaching at the Lyceum as well as his works are explicitly integrated by two main groups: the exoteric or chromatic and the esoteric or achromatic. His concept of "entelechy" is the fullest expression of Initiation, as it is the goal of every initiate: "which contains the end in itself."

PTOLEMY. Let us Listen, in his own words, to he who as an astronomer, astrologer, chemist, geographer and mathematician did not hesitate to claim that his revelations are initiated in esoteric process: "When I decide to enjoy projecting myself among the celestial bodies, I do not touch the ground with my feet any longer: I met with demons and Zeus and I filled myself with the ambrosia energy.”

FIBONACCI While the works of his authorship which are available at present are unfortunately very few, his training in North Africa as well as his interest in Hindu and Arab studies (in addition to the classical Greco-Roman) show him closely related to the field of iniciatory wisdom, which in fact concludes showing his literally key revelation of the proportion that is hidden in the esoteric concept per excellence of the Golden Number.

ROGER BACON. He is considered the inventor of experimental science ... however, his training includes ancient texts unknown to the majority, and Arabic manuscripts containing alchemical secrets. Being a chemist and physicist in the modern sense of these terms; he interpreted the transmutation of in the alchemical way. In fact, he devoted an entire treatise to the subject, Speculum alchemiae, in which he explicitly stated that there was no separation between science and magic.

LEONARDO DA VINCI Historical, journalist, artistic and cinematographic investigation show again and again Leonardo’s profound relationship with the initiatory tradition, in its various schools. It is sufficient to refer to specific issues such as his interest in the Hermetic concept of the golden ratio, or to such comprehensive information as the encoded information in The Last Supper, Adoration of the Magi, The Virgin of the Rocks, etc., and especially The Annunciation (which, though perhaps less known, contains information so revealing that it surpasses all other provided by his works.)

GIORDANO BRUNO Just by remembering the terrible evidence that the statue built in his honor in Rome signals the place where he was burned alive, accused of heresy, blasphemy and immorality for works such as The Infinite Universe and Worlds, or on The Cause, Principle and One ... is enough to see that already in his time such a level of production couldn’t be conceived without linking it to the esoteric.

JOHANNES KEPLER. The striking fact that his mother was considered a "witch" who practised the art of divination by the cards and showed the skills of pythoness is the exact frame to understand that it was not a fortuitous event that Johannes had to live a long time practising the interpretation of the stars and preparing horoscopes. In fact, with regard to his fundamental contribution to science, on the elliptical orbits of the planets, in his autobiography he argues that it was achieved thanks to "a benevolent demon that grabbed me and took me to the moon, where he showed me the laws of cosmos."

ISAAC NEWTON. In his library there was more than one hundred works of alchemy, among them there was a volume by Nicolas Flamel that he himself transcribed by hand. His interest in the initiation school of alchemy was such that he translated the Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus to English . He understood the search for the "Golden Fleece" as an alchemical metaphor. In his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, he starts to talk about non-physical forces interacting with physical objects. But as talking about the subtle ruling over the dense was too close to esotericism, the ridiculous story must have been invented from the apple falling on his head, which revealed the laws of gravity.

SIGMUND FREUD On July 24, 1921, in a letter to Carrington (editor of one of the most important newspapers about occultism at the time, and director of the American Psychical Institute) he said: "I am not of those who reject at the outset, the study of psychic phenomena called the occult on the grounds of its being unscientific, unworthy of a scientist, even dangerous. If I were at the beginning of my scientific career, instead of being in the end, perhaps I would not choose any other field of research, despite all the difficulties it presents.” Freud was a member (from 1911 to 1938, when he was elected an honorary member) of the Society for Psychical Research in London, whose foundation was made to promote the study of so-called spirit phenomena, from a skeptical and objective viewpoint.

ALBERT EINSTEIN. Although his relationship with, respect for and genuine interest in esoteric matters was confirmed and accurate data which was already available during Einstein's life. However, it was due to the exhibition Albert Einstein - Engineer of the Universe, organized by the Max Planck Institute of History of the Sciences in 2005, that the scientific community could not continue hiding nor ignoring that its highest exponent truly studied Initiation, which he even said had used as "inspiration source." In the 60's his niece said her uncle "always had a copy of the Secret Doctrine of Madame Blavatsky on his desk." Einstein advised his colleagues to dive into the reading of that work when they were overwhelmed by a problem, "in order to relax and be inspired." In 1931, one of the first things Einstein did on his arrival at the U.S. was to visit the Hopi Indian Reservation. Historic visit, which remains by "chance" largely unknown even today ... although Einstein himself made sure that it were recorded photographically. His interest in the Indian cultures was integral as Cultures that happen to be guardians of esoteric information about the change of era, have recently unveiled.


Looking from the New Era perspective, the history of science… is the history of magic. The deepest roots of science are indistinguishable from the roots of magic. And, no matter how much it bothers to orthodox established science to recognize it, these roots are not limited to questions of the past, but they extend throughout the entire history of science and reach their present exponents, as we have just detailed by referring only (it is worth to clarify explicitly) to their most renowned representatives.

The most famous and exalted creators of science are those who (in overwhelming and decisive proportion) have fed on magic. And if science has become real just by feeding on the land of magic, the conclusion is unavoidable: Science is a wonderful fruit of the most wonderful tree of magic!

A Conclusion that, indeed… opens a new era.

If such conclusion is "provocative" ... will precisely depend on whether it is seen from the old or from the new era. Since from the New Era vision such conclusion only "provokes"... the purest integration.

And integration reaches such a depth that it is not limited even to the integration of science as a fruit of magic that turned into a paradigm of the ending decade, but it places magic as the timeless tree from which the fruit that have generated the paradigms for every era of humanity comes!

In fact, an "inventory" similar to that made about science can be fulfilled done with respect to fields that seem so distant or dissimilar disciplines among themselves like military disciplines, politics or the economy. Revealing each of these fields as a result of magic is, obviously, an experience as revealing as the unveiling made with respect to science. For space reasons, it is not possible at this stage to refer to each of these fruits and their relationship with the tree of magic. But for the issue before us, the fruit cannot but be considered, coming from the magic, as it became the most crucial paradigm of previous eras to the era that has science as a paradigm. We refer, of course, to religion.

Fortunately, the relationship of the teachers upon which, later, religions were founded with the esoteric initiation is an issue that has already been developed from various disciplines. And while there is much about what we think we could provide, for the time being it is sufficient with such studies and developments already undertaken to see that what can only be seen from the perspective of the New Age: if religion is the primary exponent of one initiation teaching, which together through other fields, and then through science and its derivatives, it is penetrating humanity ... then that original initiatory teaching has already penetrated humanity through two possible routes: the right hemisphere (through religion) and the left hemisphere (through science and its derivatives).

Then ... what remains is integration. And that is exactly what the prophecies speak about regarding the New Era!


Most significantly, that Indian culture that Albert Einstein chose to visit is the same culture that made known to mankind the most revealing information about the change of era during the same passing of that change.

The data is extremely shocking ... and constitutes in turn the most valuable guide which mankind has about what the entry into the New Era is. And even more, being very strict, the encrypted information also includes the revelation of what the ending era is and what there is beyond the threshold of the change of era. This is a real map that the Hopi have released, and it contains information about the itinerary already followed, the current stretch of the road and the steps leading toward the goal where it leads.

Obviously, this is an issue that deserves a thorough job in itself. But just a quick look is unequivocally enough to discover what is stated in one of the most sacred documents belonging to those cultures that are also considered sacred ... is the path of integration.

Indeed, the mentioned map firstly shows a root that is tied to humanity in a unified way, but then splits into two branches, one of which is shorter than the other and is coming to an end ... but before ending in an increasingly tortuous nothing, it has the chance to join the other branch. An integration which unifies again what had been divided and in the beginning formed a unit.

The information revealed by the very members of the Hopi culture who have had the very sacred mission to preserve, rediscover and make known the contents of the map is nothing but the confirmation of what we have very generally developed in this paper. It is enough to listen to one of their guardians (e.g. Thomas Banyanca) to surprisingly discover that the point of division is represented by the cross (i.e., religions) and the figures represented in the shortest line express "wars" (that is i.e. the military power), "inventions" (i.e., science), "materialism" (i.e., economy) and "power" (i.e. politics) ... and that all that must be transcended now to change the era integrating it to the original line where they come from. Both lines, integrated, are the most precise and rigorous representation of what changing era is.

And something else, the fundamental factor, even more important than anything extremely important already revealed. And that is: in that fully interactive line, who is the one who produces the integration?

In that line which unifies what at the beginning was united, but has now been enriched by all the itinerary specified along the way ... the inhabitant, the one who is called to create, produce and inhabit the integration, is no longer a collective expression as the other line, but it has man as protagonist.

Man, in the singular form.

The change of era is produced in man, not in humanity.

There is no change of era collective, global, economic, and cultural or species consciousness that will change man. It is man; it is each of us as individuals who must make the change, for then mankind to change of era. And it is more than enough to integrate that code here decoded which points to integration, and which warns that such integration is a personal journey, with what other cultures depositories of the original knowledge teach about this change of era, so that everything is immediately revealed and the light unveils the secrets that have been in darkness for ages.

Another Indigenous culture considered sacred is the one who in an inexpugnably way kept for 500 years the original knowledge of the Incas, beyond any conqueror and beyond every search. These are the Q'eros. When the chief priests, who are the highest exponents, revealed that it was time to become known as "the new Pachkutak" had arrived ... they revealed that such change of era has as its fundamental factor the integration of the eagle of the east with the condor of the west. East and West represented with the eagle and the condor by the Q'eros ... but that should be invoked by every human being in their sacred space. "On their table," in Q'ero’s terms, the human being must integrate their right side to their left side. That is, they should make this integration in themselves.

In more involving terms: the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere must be integrated. In More trascendental terms: religion and science must be integrated. And all this on the Scenario for which all has been placed: the Human Being.

That, exactly, is changing era. That which, in terms such as "initiation" or " esotericism," Magic always teaches the Human Being. Magic which, beginning the Era of Integration ... is for the first time methodically integrated to humanity.

José Luis Parise is an Argentinian researcher, writer and psychoanalyst with 30 years of study and over 100 research trips to different initiate cultures. He created the first E.D.I.P.O. School in Latin America, where the themes of initiation and psychoanalysis are integrated.